Victor Ndaba

Roses are red, violets are blue... welcome to my site, nice to have you.

I'm Victor. I'm majorly a software developer but I also do 3D animation with blender, occassionaly write stories and scripts, some part-time physics research and dabble in music production. This is my personal portfolio and blog where I share my 2 cents. Feel free to look around.

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    A prelude to web development

    This article focuses on a few things to note/understand before you dive into the world of web development. Though complex, web development is built on fundamental concepts that are explained in this article

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    Building a simple API with prisma and backframe.js

    A walkthrough of building a simple API using backframe.js and prisma.

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    A Primer into Bash scripting

    Knowing how to write bash scripts is a skill that can come in handy if you do anything that requires a significant amount of automation. And not just bash scripts, even scripting in Powershell or windows batch scripts can prove useful.

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    Different ways to handle CSS

    CSS was invented to make styling websites easy but it is often said that CSS is hard. This article discusses the different ways you can handle CSS on your websites to make your life easier.

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    Managing monorepos using pnpm

    pnpm is by far the best package manager that I have ever come accross. Other than its well-known advantages over other package managers, managing monorepos is where pnpm especially shines. In this article, we explore managing a monorepo using pnpm

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    The Internet vs The Web

    Although closely related, the web and the internet are two completely different things and it is important to know how they differ but also how they are similar. Which is what we will discuss in this blog

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    Skills and experience

    Frontend developer
    2+ years of experience with Javascript frameworks
    I can and have used React, Vue, Angular and Svelte to build Single Page Apps
    Experience with meta-frameworks such as Next.js, Nuxt.js, Remix and Redwood.js to build SSR apps
    Used platforms such as Vercel, Netlify and Github pages to deploy websites and web apps
    Used Gatsby.js, Astro.js and other Static Site generators to build and deploy static sites such as this blog
    Backend developer
    Created and deployed backend apps running in Node.js, Python and Golang
    Deployed backend apps on Heroku,, Cyclic and GCP
    Experience with Ruby on rails, Laravel, Spring boot and other legacy backend frameworks
    Able to develop, test and deploy APIs/Backends using REST, GraphQL and gRPC
    Experience with Firebase and other BaaS platforms such as Supabase, appwrite and nhost
    Devops engineer
    Experience with creating CI/CD pipelines for various apps
    Used third party tools such as CircleCI and Github Actions for creating said CI/CD pipelines
    Hands-on experience with docker including building and deploying containerized applications
    Good knowledge of shell scripting and experience with linux/unix systems
    Used Ansible, Chef, Terraform and other build and automation tools
    Cloud engineer
    Experience with services offered on GCP and AWS
    Ability to deploy applications on platforms such as App Engine, Cloud Run, GKS or manually run on EC2 or Compute Engine
    Used GCP Machine learning platforms to train, build and deploy ML models and applications
    Knowledge of IAM roles and how to manage cloud infrastructure securely
    Machine learning engineer
    Able to train and deploy anything from simple binary classification models to multi-class classification models
    Experience with tools such as numpy, pandas, Jupyter etc. and frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, FastAI to create Deep learning models.
    Built and deployed a production-ready machine learning model served over Google Cloud Run
    Experience with Tensorflow.js to create models that run in-browser
    Currently exploring the wonderful world of Generative Adversarial Networks
    App developer
    Experience with creating both mobile and desktop applications
    Used React native to build and deploy cross platform mobile applications, with and without the expo library.
    Knowledge of and experience with Flutter for creating perfomant cross platform apps
    I can code in Java for native development but prefer not to. Too much boilerplate for my tastes.
    Created desktop apps with Qt, Electron and Fyne
    3D, CG & Film
    Used Blender 3D to model and animate and immediately fell in love with it.
    Currently learning Houdini and Nuke for complex simulations and compositing respectively.
    Huge film-making enthuthiast. From writing scripts, to acting, directing, producing and editing
    Physics research spanning from quantum physics to theoretical physics in the pursuit of a Grand-Unification Theory
    Polyglot programmer with experience using Javascript, Python, Golang, Rust, Dart, Elixir, Rails, php and Java
    Played around with DAW and digital music production but nothing too serious
    Victor Ndaba | Software developer, 3D Animator, Physics researcher.