Victor Ndaba

Hi, I'm Victor Ndaba.

Who am I?
A simple nerd from Kenya who loves to code! I love talking and researching about physics. I love listening to music. I love movies and tv shows. I love pretty much all the nerdy things, what I would refer to as nerdology. I believe in doing things with passion and with all your heart, or not at all! It's like that cool Bill SkarsgÄrd line from John Wick, "How you do anything, is how you do everything"
What do I do?
I have been programming for almost 3 years now and it's what I do with majority of my time. I started out as a web developer, playing around with Javascript frameworks like react, vue & angular, found my way into Node.js and backend development, then I heard somewhere about this cool language called Rust, picked up python and golang along the way... and some more other stuff and now I'm a very passionate and proficient developer. From web development with pretty much any framework, to cross platform app development with Flutter and React Native, to machine learning, I know a thing or two about programming.
My love for physics
For as long as I can remember, I have always had this deep passion for physics. It's very elegant and beautiful. I am particularly intrigued by the works of figures like Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, Einstein... in short, anything pertaining to Gravity, or a quantum theory of gravity. I do some physics research now and then for a paper I'm working on and as for my subscription when it comes to quantum mechanics interpretations, I would have to choose Pilot Wave theory, or moreso, a modified version of it.
Music, medicine for the soul
From Bon Jovi to The Weeknd, I like all sorts of music. I've played around with FL Studio and other DAWs, but nothing that serious, maybe someday. I'm a hardcore MCU fan and like other stuff such as GOT, Stranger things, HIMYM. Did I say like? I meant obsessed with them. These are some of the stuff I do in my leisure alongside playing around with 3D sofware mostly Blender, Houdini and Nuke.
What am I upto?
An year and a half into my undergradute engineering course, I realized that's not what I really wanted to do with my life and so I dropped out! Why, you ask ? Coz my heart was somewhere else. I had already been programming for a while and so basically just dedicated 100% of my time to it. Today, I work at a very cool startup called Jumba, as a fullstack software developer helping to build and ship their software needs. I'm also a big fan of open source and occassionally work on some projects. Besides that, I'm building other cool stuff such as Fefa Academy, Digitalfarmer, Backframe and much more
About - Victor Ndaba