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I love writing about things I'm passionate about. I write primarily about software development in general, anything from frontend frameworks to backend development, machine learning and programming in general. I may occassionaly thrown in a blog or two about UI Design, blender and houdini and even shows! Enjoy...

Building a simple API with prisma and backframe.js

A walkthrough of building a simple API using backframe.js and prisma.

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Introducing backframe.js

A JS/TS framework for rapid development and deployment of APIs and Backends

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The Internet vs The Web

Although closely related, the web and the internet are two completely different things and it is important to know how they differ but also how they are similar. Which is what we will discuss in this blog

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What is the internet?

The internet is only fifty years old but has evolved at an incredible rate. Today, there are more than 43 billion devices connected to it. But what exactly is the internet? Let's discuss.

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Managing monorepos using pnpm

pnpm is by far the best package manager that I have ever come accross. Other than its well-known advantages over other package managers, managing monorepos is where pnpm especially shines. In this article, we explore managing a monorepo using pnpm

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Understanding Rendering Techniques

Ever heard of Client-Side Rendering, Server-Side Rendering, Pre-rendering, Static Site Generation and Incremental Static Regeneration and wondered the difference between all of them and which rendering technique you should use?

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A Primer into Bash scripting

Knowing how to write bash scripts is a skill that can come in handy if you do anything that requires a significant amount of automation. And not just bash scripts, even scripting in Powershell or windows batch scripts can prove useful.

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Let's talk about buildpacks

If you've ever deployed an app to heroku you know how seamless the process is. Although your deployed app will run in a container, you don't actually define any Dockerfiles yourself. Heroku analyzes your app and build a container from it. This is where buildpacks come in

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Different ways to handle CSS

CSS was invented to make styling websites easy but it is often said that CSS is hard. This article discusses the different ways you can handle CSS on your websites to make your life easier.

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Next.js vs Nuxt3: A battle of beasts

It's no doubt that Next.js is a beast of a framework and one of the best choices when creating a web-app. Recently, I played around with the new Nuxt3, which is beta at the time of writing this blog and I will be comparing the two, from DX to architecture and just how it feels to work with them generally.

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A prelude to web development

This article focuses on a few things to note/understand before you dive into the world of web development. Though complex, web development is built on fundamental concepts that are explained in this article

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Why Rust?

A small primer/introduction into the wonderful world of programming with the rust programming language and why you're totally going to love it.

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Pnpm: The best package manager

This blog article introduces the pnpm package manager to those who've never heard of or used it before.

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