Victor Ndaba

What is the internet?

By Victor Ndaba, 11/6/2022
Tags: #internet#networks

NOTE: This blog post is incomplete. I will be adding more content to it soon.

The origin of the internet

You may have heard two stories about how and why the internet was invented. The first one, that is often believed by many, is that the scientists at ARPA came up with the idea of the internet in the fear that a nuclear war would wipe out their communication equipment. The other, which is probably the true version, is that the internet began as an attempt by various scientists to create Time sharing systems and allow access to mainframes when they are not being utilized for something else

Circuit switching and packet switching

ARPANet + Cycylades + NPL (TCP/IP)

Dialup and Broadband


UseNet and CompuServe and Traditional Internet Engagement

File sharing/navigation and the World Wide Web

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What is the internet?